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A poem in protest of the ongoing worldwide population reduction agenda of the ruling global fascist elite kleptocracy…

by IronBoltBruce


I thought it was all about money
And the power that it buys;
But it’s about a depleted planet
And with what who survives.

It’s simple mathematics,
Dividing what by who;
They can’t make more resources,
But they can make less of you.

Forget the genocide of Third World
Warlords, U.S. trained;
It’s nothing next to body counts
For corporations’ gain.

Depopulation: Fighting unjust wars
Where suicide
Takes more of best and bravest than
Those lost to other side.


Depopulation: Firing drones
Puts innocents at risk,
And from those terrorized will come
Next wave of terrorists.

Depopulation: Fracking earth
With biocides that spoil
The water in our aquifers:
High price for gas and oil.

Depopulation: Filling air
With carcinogens that kill;
Those who survive to sterilize
By design, against their will.

Depopulation: Flooding seas
With wastes they can’t degrade;
Toxins poison source of life
‘Til life no more is made.


Depopulation: Financing
Both sides of “War on Drugs”;
With CIA as pusher man
And DEA-armed thugs.

Depopulation: Feigning
Homosexual approbation;
Stealthfully engendering
Voluntary sterilization.

Depopulation: Fattening up
The tech-sedated masses
With GMO: Accelerating
Aging as it passes.

Depopulation: Fragmenting
Have-Nots to Left and Right;
Against elite assassins
Never able to unite…


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Eating Cheerios Doesn’t Make You Healthier, It Just Makes General Mills Wealthier

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

cheerios, general mills, genetically modified foods, gmo, genetically engineered crops

Our corporations are lying to us, America.  They sell us happiness and health, they deliver anything but, and they’re getting away with it.  Why?  Because in many cases they’ve paid politicians and “lobbied” bureaucrats to twist the rules to where it is legal to lie – or at least legal to hide the truth.  Here is one example from many:

Unless you’re one of the few Americans with the wisdom and discipline to throw their TV out the window, you’ve probably seen commercials like this one wherein GMO cereal king General Mills claims that “Cheerios, made from all grain natural oats, is the only leading cold cereal clinically proven to lower cholesterol.”

That claim may be legally true, but it is patently false for the following reasons:

1.  Cheerios may be “made from all grain natural oats”, but it also “made from” many other ingredients.  The Cheerios website assures us that “All Cheerios cereal varieties have at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving”, but omits the fact that a “serving” is 28 grams:

And what’s in the other 20 grams?  This article will give you some idea.  Pay special attention to the commentary regarding genetically modified corn starch and trisodium phosphate (TSP), which is a cleaning compound:

2.  As we reported earlier, in the USA “natural” has no regulated meaning with respect to food or food labels.  Consequently, General Mills can legally refer to the oats in Cheerios as “natural” regardless of any genetically engineered origin.  The truth is that General Mills “…continues to use genetically-modified (GM) ingredients in its cereal products, as well as corn syrup, artificial flavors, and artificial colorings – all of which wreak havoc on health…”:

3.  The part about Cheerios being “the only leading cold cereal clinically proven to lower cholesterol” uses the “leading” adjective to avoid challenges from cereals that might be healthier but not as well known.  And the “clinically proven” phrase that provides the claim’s sole source of credibility refers to a study “conducted by Provident Clinical Research, a for-profit institute that gets paid by General Mills and other manufacturers to design, implement, and analyze tests that will always shine a bright light on the product in question.”

Even the FDA found the claims based on that study to be suspect:

The opening sentence in this General Mills press release (propaganda piece) reads “Research presented today at the Experimental Biology Meeting revealed Cheerios can help lower cholesterol by 10 percent in one month.”

This is another cleverly-worded deception.  General Mills doesn’t directly claim that “Cheerios can help lower cholesterol”, but rather states that was “revealed” by “research”, which as we just explained was tainted.  The fact that tainted research was presented at some “Experimental Biology Meeting” sounds auspicious but means nothing.  And once the lie is unleashed, the distortion of the truth becomes pandemic.  They’ve even got Lance Armstrong lying for them, and the lie goes unretracted even after he knew about the FDA warning letter:

General Mills doesn’t care about your health.  General Mills only cares about their wealth.

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Pepsico, Quaker Oats & GMO: You’re On Your Own

November 9, 2011 2 comments

Pepsico, Quaker Oats & GMO: You're On Your Own

PepsiCo Inc. is a Fortune 500 global conglomerate with interests in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages and other products.  PepsiCo was formed in 1965 with the merger of the Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay, Inc.  PepsiCo has since expanded from its namesake product Pepsi to a broader range of food and beverage brands, the largest of which include an acquisition of Tropicana in 1998 and a merger with Quaker Oats in 2001 – which added the Gatorade brand to its portfolio as well.

Since 1989 Pepsico has contributed more than $10 million to federal and state political campaigns, and since 1997 they have spent an additional $28 million on lobbying.  Topping their politician recipient list is former Pennsylvania House Speaker John M. Perzel, the alleged mastermind of the $13 million “Computergate” scandal that pled guilty to corruption charges and is currently awaiting sentencing.  Rick Perry comes in number two, with Ed Rendel, Barack Obama and George W. Bush rounding out the top five.

We don’t know what Pepsico got from the money they gave to Perzel, but we do know at least one thing they are getting from their lobbying investment:  So far, it has kept GMO warning labels off of their products.

“GMO” stands for “genetically modified organism”, i.e. organisms whose genetic material has been artificially altered using genetic engineering techniques.  The USA is the largest commercial grower of genetically modified crops in the world, and at least 75% percent of the processed foods consumed in America contain GMO ingredients.

GMOs are banned or significantly restricted in 30 other countries around the world, including Australia, Japan and all of the nations in the European Union.  But here in the Corporate States of America, consumers aren’t even given the benefit of GMO warning labels so they can decide for themselves if a risk exists and whether they are willing to accept it.  To make matters worse, IN AMERICA IT IS LEGAL TO LABEL FOOD PRODUCTS AS “NATURAL” EVEN IF THEY CONTAIN GMO.  And why are things that way?  Because profit-before-principle corporations like Pepsico – working through co-opted and false fronts like the Organic Trade Association (OTA) – lobby to keep them that way:

“General Mills (currently represented on the OTA board by Craig Weakly of Small Planet Foods), H.J. Heinz Co. (invested in the Hain-Celestial Group), PepsiCo (Tropicana and Quaker produce a few organic products), and Kellogg’s (owns Kashi), joined a coalition of corporate giants – the “Coalition Against the Costly Labeling Law” – including chemical makers Monsanto and DuPont, agribusiness ConAgra, food processor Sara Lee, the pesticide lobbying group CropLife and the junk food lobbying group the Grocery Manufacturers Association, in spending some $5.5 million to defeat mandatory GMO labels.”

So before you sit down for your next piping-hot bowl of “healthy living” Quaker oatmeal, consider this:

“Quaker Oats states that it is an ‘all-natural’ product.  Pepsico/Quaker Oats manages a processing plant that emits roughly 19,000 pounds of sulfuryl fluoride yearly.  Sulfuryl fluoride is a toxic greenhouse gas used to treat crops like oats in storage.”

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